What makes our programs models of excellence? Caring, dedicated faculty that are successful artists in their own right and are excellent teachers. Academic programs that have been nationally accredited for many years. Excellent facilities that are constantly upgraded with the latest technology. And students who are passionate about their discipline.

Find out more by visiting the School of Art, School of Music, or School of Theatre. And come to a performance or show listed on our calendar of events in order to see for yourself what we're about at SFA.

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A.C. “Buddy” Himes
Dean of the College of Fine Arts

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The SFA School of Music prepares students to confidently begin or continue careers in Music Education, Performance, Sound Recording Technology and Composition. Its goal is to graduate people who are highly competent musicians, accomplished performers, sensitive artists and articulate musical leaders.

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Posted: June 23, 2017 at 5:41 p.m.
The SFA School of Music is positively buzzing with activity as Stephen F. Austin State University Summer Band Camps continue, soon to give way to Choir Camps and more. The band camp page is a treasure-trove of photos and especially videos as recitals (such as the faculty recital linked here) and concerts...@SFAFineArts—view the complete post on Facebook.

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